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Don't end your patient relationship at discharge. Keep your message in front of your referral sources. We help physical therapy private practices create new business through marketing. It is so easy. Simply enter their email address and the entire process is put in motion.

Written by a Physical Therapist
Evidence Based
Fully Referenced
Patient Testimonials
Concise, Quick, Easy-to-Read Format
Variety of Topics
Educate Patients About PT Services
Communicate with Patients After Discharge
Written by a Physical Therapist
Easy to understand style
Variety of Topics
Full Service Product
Custom Newsletters
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Physical Therapy Specific Website
Everything in PRoMPT plus, without the website
We will integrate with your website
PRoMPT plus
$899 one-time setup fee
$99 per month service fee, 1 year agreement
PRoMPT (no Website)
$299 one-time setup fee
$99 per month service fee, 1 year agreement
12+ Page Website
Physical Therapy Specific Content Included
Hosting Provided
Domain Registration Included
Support and Changes Included