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It is very important to have a consistent look and feel across as many marketing avenues as possible. At E-rehab we strive to give you the most professional look possible. We use the same logos, colors and layouts for as many systems as possible. Here is a list of items that will look consistent.
  • Website
  • Patient Email Newsletter
  • Patient Paper Newsletter
  • Physician Email Newsletter
  • Physician Paper Newsletter
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Management Control Panel
  • Newsletter Unsubscribe Page
  • Recommend a Friend Page

Your design is truly your own. We do not use a set of templates that are customized with your colors and logo. We build a distinct product just for you.

We start the process by showing you samples of work that we have done for other Physical Therapy practices. With your feedback we get an idea of what direction to head in. We collect copies of any existing print work that you may have - logos, brochures, etc. Armed with this information we start the design process.

Once E-rehab has created an initial design we send you a picture of what your website will look like. With your feedback we make improvements to the design or we will even start over. Once you approve the website design, we work up a complimentary design for the newsletters. When all the designs are approved we move into production.

At this point we build the website and get the information that we will need for populating the webpages. We make this as easy as possible by clearly asking for what we need. Once a draft of the website is built we will give you a "prelaunch review" of it and let you recommend changes. In everything that we do, it is important for you to be happy and to feel good about we are doing for you.

Once the website has been finished, reviewed and approved we launch the site. We take care of all the details - name registration, DNS setup, hosting setup, file uploading, email accounts and monitoring. Now that your new website is available, it is time to start sending newsletters.

The design for the newsletter is generally done before the website it completed, but we wait to start sending them until the whole package is ready. At this point you will be provided with secure access to your Control Panel, a users manual and an online training video as well.

You are ready to market, however your monthly membership fee covers any changes you would like to your website, newsletters and customer survey. Support is included in the PRoMPT plans.

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