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E-rehab, helps Physical Therapy Private Practices leverage the power of the Internet. You work in a very competitive business. Often, there is little time to execute fundamental business programs like Patient Satisfaction, Branding, and Retention Marketing. E-rehab helps you effortlessly set up these programs . No one is more dedicated to helping fellow Physical Therapy Private Practice owners.

Consider that It costs anywhere from 5 to 8 times more to gain a new customer as opposed to retaining your present customers. When you consider the cost of your time, lost treatment revenues, marketing expenses, etc., it is easy to see that you can't afford to lose touch with your clients.

  • Increase your referrals.
  • Build electronic infrastructure.
  • Build your brand name
  • E-mail Newsletters Generate repeat business.
  • Solidify client relationships.
  • Remind clients of your services.
  • Just one new patient can pay for an entire year of

This is how E-rehab will help your company:

Retention Marketing : Retention Marketing is the art and practice of creating and maintaining customer loyalty. E-rehab will help you secure repeat business by creating your own Retention Marketing Program. There is no question that repeat business is the cheapest, yet most overlooked, market by most physical therapy private practices. Studies have shown that it is 5-8 times cheaper to retain customers verses finding new ones.

However, if you don't have a customer contact strategy, you could be losing up to 67% of your recurring business. E-rehab helps you maximize repeat business by providing you with the means to stay in contact with your past and present patients. Without a doubt the most cost-effective and easiest way to achieve this goal is to send out a monthly email newsletter. This is exactly what
E-rehab does for your physical therapy private practice.

Here is another way to illustrate the importance of creating repeat business.

"How many of your patients have you seen in the past for the same or a different condition?"

We have discussed this topic with private practices and they all stated that they regularly treated patients that they had seen in the past.

"How hard was it to obtain these referrals and what did it cost?"

Most private practice owners said that it was very little work because they treated them previously and had developed a good relationship with these patients. It cost them nothing for these returning patient referrals. These are the patients you can't afford to lose.

Satisfaction Survey

Do you collect feedback from your patients? You should. Fifteen percent of your patients may not return to you because they were dissatisfied with your services. You must have a way to measure your patient satisfaction and address problems before they spiral out of control. E-rehab integrates a patient satisfaction survey system into your existing business practice. With one click, you can view the results which allows you the ability to address critical issues before they impact your business.

In summary, our services help you maintain contact with your patients, improve patient satisfaction, and maximize your recurring business.

"But I don't have time to create a Retention Marketing Program or Quality Assurance Program."

E-rehab does it all for you. We create the newsletters, survey your patients, and provide you with the tools to effortlessly put this program in place. E-rehab is one of the best ways to effortlessly improve your business.

How It Works

Here's how it works: We suggest that you collect your patient's email address before their first visit. How can you do this? When the patient calls to schedule their initial evaluation, your front office staff member says, "Can I have your email address? I would like to send you a link so you can download our paperwork."  Patients are happy to provide you with their e-mail address before they come in for their first visit. Once the patient's name and email address are entered into the system, the E-rehab services begin.  Your patient automatically receives an email introducing your practice, a link to download paperwork, a link to your website location page, and reminders to bring their insurance card and physical therapy prescription.

Approximately two weeks later, your patient receives a "Thank You" email newsletter.  Then, on a monthly basis, E-rehab sends your patients a branded newsletter detailing the variety of services PT's offer, as well as providing them with links to downloadable prevention and wellness information. Not only do you educate you patients with the newsletters, they help maintain a relationship with them even after discharge.

The satisfaction surveys are automatically integrated into the E-rehab system. The fourth email newsletter you patient receives contains a link to an online satisfaction survey.  They fill it out and you view the results. E-rehab does all of the calculations for you. With one click, you can view your satisfaction survey results. 

Here are some of your website features:
Your Logo - branding your site (don't have a logo, we can help)
Clinic specific domain name - e.g. www.yourclinic.com
Custom Graphics - match your current brand
Clinic News - let us know what is going on and we will update your site content.
Paperwork Download - ability for patients to download their paperwork and fill it out at home.
Links - offer patients the opportunity to view the links of your choice.
Medical Library - E-rehab includes a medical library page detailing 50+ medical conditions.
HIPAA Compliant
Site Menu - your site will contain pages describing your services, insurances you accept, staff info, links, location maps, a medical library, FAQ, contact info, and more.

Your Own Professional Web Site: It is a fact. The public expects a quality business to have a dynamic website that represents your company. E-rehab doesn't just build websites. Static websites are a waste of money. We provide you with a package of e-services that will strengthen your brand and improve your efficiency.