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Client Success Stories:

  • After months of suffering with Achilles Tendonitis and feeling I would never get back to my exercise program and a normal life, I started a series of physical therapy sessions and my healing began. In two short weeks, I began to see noted improvement. I always came away feelilng encouraged about my eventual cure. The staff at Northwest are not only knowledgeable but one feels that they are getting personal attention every time they come in for a session. I am proud to be able to write thsi letter and attest to the fact that therapy does work when performed by a true professional.
    --- Linda Spitzer

  • I arrived at Northwest Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy afte shoulder sugery. My great passion is softball. With the amount of pain and lack of strength I was experiencing, I had no hope of playing before mid season, of then. Thanks to therapy, I now expect to be in the line-up for th start of the season and at full strength before the season reaches the mid-point.
    --- Robert Blainey

  • Northwest Physical Therapy has given me range of motion I did not think I could ever have. After (foot) surgery 3 years ago, I had problems walking and standing. I also had a lot of pain in my foot. After two treatments I began to build strength in my foot and my pain was reduced. Today ends nine sessions and I feel with no pain and added strength my story is a success. Success is always a great reward.
    --- Mary Ann Buck

  • I want to say how pleased I am with the results of my 3 months of physical therapy after rotator cuff surgery. My pain level has gone to zero and my mobility is at 98%. At 64 years of age, my recovery has been far better than I expected. I would recommend Northwest Physical Therapy to my best friend!
    --- Carolyn Kalinski

  • When I started therapy with Scott, I had been involved in a car accident. The pain in my shoulder was basically constant and prevented me from doing such routine tasks as fastening my seat belt or reaching for the radio. Now, the pain is almost completely gone. My every day routine is almost 100%. Thank you Northewest!
    --- C.J. Barnhill

  • I was in an automobile accident in June 2004. I experienced neck and shoulder pain that progressively got worse. It was difficult to work and do simple tasks. I started treatment at Northwest PT, I immediately felt relief. My therapist knew just what needed to be done for my problems. I feel much better at work and I have a bette range of motion. I was made to feel very comfortable every time I came in for treatment. Four weeks after starting therapy I feel great! I would recommend Northwest Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy to anyone and if I ever need therapy again, I will be back!
    --- Paulette Reid

  • I was referred to Northwest Physical Therapy to rehab a fractured arm and dislocated shoulder. I was assured that with hard work and determination I would have a good arm again. Scott's expertise, Karen's watchful and eye and my persistence has been a very successful team. I will miss the pleasant atmosphere and comraderie, but I am so delighted to abe able to go on with a normal life. Thank you Northwest Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy!
    --- Elizabeth Larson

  • I came to Northwest 3 weeks after having a total knee replacement. I was using a cane and a lot of my movement was slow due to stiffness. I wanted to to be able to get in and out of the care easier, to go up and down steps again like every one else. The therapist was very helpful giving me exercises that helped me regain more motion. The therapy was not "a piece of cake" but the encouragement I received made me want to be succeed. The atmosphere could not have been better. I am driving again and experience no problems getting in and out of the car. I already know I have to have my other knee replaced and Northwest is where I'll come for my therapy!
    --- Dorothy Behne

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